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What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss will affect one in six of us by the time we reach our 60s, with over nine million people living with hearing loss in the UK today. Losing your hearing can be part of the natural ageing process (known as age-related hearing loss), and with modern advances in hearing tests and technology the condition is very manageable. We’re here to help minimise the impact of hearing loss on your everyday life. Sometimes, hearing loss is caused by more than just reaching our golden years. There are a range of conditions, situations and sometimes just bad luck which can impair your hearing. Take the quiz to find out more...

Common Problems We Check For

Hearing Reduction

Regular hearing tests are vital because hearing can deteriorate gradually, so issues are easier to correct the sooner they’re detected.

Ringing/Muffled Sounds

Can be linked to other hearing conditions. Those with hearing loss are more susceptible due to no longer hearing the normal background noises that would usually mask tinnitus.

Dizziness & Imbalance

Can be signs and symptoms of inflammation of your inner ear include the spontaneous onset of intense, constant vertigo that may persist for several days, along with nausea, vomiting and imbalance.

Excessive Ear Wax

Can sometimes block your ear, bringing on symptoms including temporary hearing loss, ringing or itchiness.

Our Customer Reviews

"Thoughtful, caring, clear communication, respectful, relaxed, relatable, responsive to questions, good listening skills. Thank you"
R Wyatt
“The process was good a very good examination and a full examination of the outcome. all done in a very professional manner. Thank you"
Roger Cooper
“Very welcoming, thorough examination, so very happy with professional care and advice"
Roger Scammell
“Excellent Service, I lost 90% in one ear and 75% in the other now it is so very good to hear and join in with people"
John Massink

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn't hearing loss only affect older people?
The biggest myth of all. Hearing loss can begin at any age. 11 million people with hearing loss across the UK, that's around one in six of us. More than 40% of people over 50 years old have hearing loss, rising to 71% of people over the age of 70. Regardless of how old you are, if you work in a noisy place, listen to loud music (especially through headphones) or regularly go to nightclubs or concerts, you run the risk of harming your hearing. 
Would I know if I have a hearing loss?
Actually, you may be the last one to notice. Hearing loss mostly occurs over many years, so it’s easy to adjust to poor hearing by lip reading in noisy situations or turning up the volume on your TV. It means friends or family members may be first to spot your hearing problems. The earlier you get help for hearing loss, the better chance there is for effective treatment, so you need to be aware of the signs of hearing loss.
What are the signs of hearing loss?
Some of the key signs of hearing loss include:
It sounds as though people are mumbling when they speak
You frequently have to ask people to repeat themselves
You have to concentrate more while listening in conversations
You’re listening to the TV at a volume that’s uncomfortable for others
How do I talk to someone about their hearing?
Talking to someone about hearing loss can be a tricky and sensitive subject. It is common for people to dismiss your concerns and deny there is an issue with their hearing for some time. Try to plan the conversation and what you want to say, be compassionate and emphasise the positive outcomes.
How often should I get my hearing tested?
Our hearing changes over time. So it’s important to have it checked every two years, especially if: you’re asking others to repeat themselves more often; or you’re avoiding social situations where hearing can be an issue.
Take the quiz to find out:
  • If you are genuinely struggling with your hearing
  • What could be causing your hearing difficulties
  • What solutions are available to help you with your hearing
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