We Are Now Fully Open & Accepting Routine Appointments… 

To ensure patient safety we are operating on an appointment basis only, and are still operating a locked door policy

So you MUST use one of the buttons below to arrange your appointment BEFORE you attend practice.

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How Safe Is It For Me To Attend An Opticians Appointment?

How is social distancing being maintained?
We are only allowing patients into the practice if they have rearranged an appointment. A maximum of 2 patients will be allowed into practice at any given time. You will see zones marked on the floor to ensure social distancing is maintained.
Do I need to wear a face mask/covering to my appointment?
Yes, we would advise that patients come wearing a face mask/covering when they attend. If you are outside of 2m of anyone then you are welcomed to remove your face covering. But during any clinical procedures, you will be asked to maintain a face covering. Due to the shortage of PPE available we may not be able to offer you a mask.
The optician usually gets very close during the test, is this safe?
During any clinical procedure, we will be wearing full PPE provisions. This includes a face mask, face shield, disposable apron and disposable gloves. There have been extra provisions for face shields added to optical equipment, and we would advise that all patients opt to have optical scans taken as they will allow in depth eye health checks without the need for very close contact.
Will I be able to try on new frames, and how safe is this if others have been touching the frames?
All frames have been cleaned and sterilised and will be cleaned and sterilised after you have tried them on before they go back out on display. To allow this process to take place we ask all patients to wait for guidance before trying on frames.
Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?
We are operating a maximum of 2 patients in practice at any given time. So if you intend to bring someone with you for your appointment, please let us know when you book so we can ensure the clinic is booked accordingly. If more than 2 patients are in the practice when you attend you will be asked to wait outside, before being invited in to practice.
Will everyone in the practice be wearing PPE?
The receptionist team will be distanced more than 2m from anyone coming into the practice, with a screen in place. If anyone needs to come within 2m of you, they will be wearing a mask. If anyone needs to come into contact with you to fit or measure glasses they will be in full PPE provisions.

Eyecare Plan Member Benefits

Should you have a family history of eye conditions, or simply want the reassurance that your vision is optimal, being part of the Eyecare plan will give you access to longer appointment times, specialist diagnostic scans and asessments, and the ability to be seen as freqently as required at NO additional cost -

Offering total peace of mind

Comprehensive Advanced Optical Care

Cataract, Glaucoma, Macula Denegation, Dry Eye Disease, Double Vision, Complex Prescriptions -

So should you need more frequent assessments, detailed scans or long appointment times - we've got you covered

Family Focussed Cover - Kids Go FREE!

Eye conditions can run in families, and we know the earlier problems are found and managed the better the outcome. 

When two adults are Eyecare plan members, 2 children automatically qualify for the same level of care for FREE. 

Accidental Damage Glasses Cover

All Eyecare plan members are now covered with complimentary accidental glasses cover for 12 months following the purchase of their new glasses. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Exclusive Preferential Pricing

Eyecare plan gold members get immediate access to 30% off spectacle frames, and 20% off prescription spectacle lenses from day one of sign up! (Minimum term 18 months applies)

Our Eye Test

We offer an array of clinical services at Kings Opticians. We are passionate about your eye test and endeavor to provide you with an eye care experience that gives you peace of mind that your vision is in the best possible hands.

Your eye test is more than just an essential check of your eye health. Your eyes can tell us so much about your general health and we believe that you should be provided with easy to understand advice and information regarding on-going eye care.

Prescription Assessment

With over 60 available tests, we are able to determine your glasses prescription to great detail to ensure you experience the best possible vision.

Glaucoma Screening

We routinely screen all our patients' for glaucoma with 3D microscope assessment and pressure checks as standard.

Cataract Evaluation

Patients' as young as 50 can develop cataract, which can not only reduce the quality of your vision, but can increase the risk of developing futher sight threatening eye diseases. We evaluate everyone for cataract development as standard.

Macula Degeneration

Responsible for the sharpness part of your vision the macula is one of the most precious area of the eye that need to be assessed in great detail. As a gold standard we advise Optomap retinal scanning to all out patients so we can advise you appropriately of your risk of macula disease, but more importantly advise you the best course of management to maintain great vision for as long as possible.

Dry Eye Disease

With symptoms of dry, tired, gritty red eyes, the volume of technology we all use in the modern world doesn't help. Increasing numbers of people are suffering from undiagnosed dry eye disease (DED). This is why we screen all our patients for DED and operate specialist dry eye clinics to those that need help you manage DED effectively. 

Overnight Vivid Vision

Like braces for your teeth, we can now craft  bespoke specialist eye retainers that correct your vision while you sleep.

You go to sleep short-sighted and wake up with 20/20 vision. Contact us for further details!

Our Clinical Fees

Comprehensive 40 Minute Optometrist Eye Examination

Ultrawide Optomap Peripheral Retina & Macula Scan

3D Glaucoma & Macula Denegation Scan

Emergency Optometrist Examination

Glaucoma Eye Pressure Periodic Phasing

Specialist Dry Eye Assessment & Follow-Ups Appointments

New Contact Lens Fitting & Tolerance Assessments

Existing Contact Lens Review

Blephex Eye Lid Cleansing

Optical & Sunglasses Frame Discount

Prescription Spectacle Lens Discount < 2 years membership

Prescription Spectacle Lens Discount > 2 years membership

Additional Spectacles Purchased Within 90 days Discount

Contact Lenses & Care Products Discount

2 Year Post Purchase Accidental Damage Spectacle Cover


















Fully Covered

Fully Covered

Fully Covered

Fully Covered

Fully Covered

Fully Covered

Fully Covered

Fully Covered

Fully Covered





Up to 50%


Want to book your appointment online?

You don't need to speak to anyone. You can use our online booking portal and arrange your appointment directly into our diary. If you get stuck you can call us for support.